Buying a home in Miami

Buying a house in Miami today is very easy. To do this, just go to the website of our company and get acquainted with the catalog of its housing. American Butler only works with verified sellers of real estate and real estate. Therefore, choosing the appropriate option through the company’s online resource, you can be sure of the relevance of the stated proposal and the legitimacy of the real estate transaction .

Miami Real Estate Market

Miami – the perfect place for financial investments . Contributes to the development of such investment attractiveness of the excellent geographical location of the city and its favorable climate. Real estate purchased in Miami can be used all year round and not only as a personal dwelling, but also as a profitable source of income. A rented apartment or villa, after a year fully compensates for the costs spent on their purchase. Do not want to buy? Then rent a villa every season and enjoy your holiday at any time of the year convenient for you.

The cost of houses in Miami is different. On average, its price range ranges from $ 700–800 thousand to $ 20 million and depends on the area of ​​the facility, the size of the structure and the nature of the infrastructure closest to it. For example, a villa with its own territory, a complex of buildings, a pier or access to the ocean will cost three times more than a small studio in the city center. With the help of Realtors ofAmerican Butler, you can find housing at the most affordable price for you in the elite quarter of the city and in its coastal areas.

Upon request, our company will demonstrate the object that you like so that you can personally see its merits. In the case of a positive decision regarding the purchase of a house , the contract of sale can be drawn up on the spot or you can take advantage of a good opportunity to apply for a mortgage loan . To clarify all the details and nuances of the transaction will help the company manager through an online search or in person meeting with him in the office.

Buying a villa in Miami – advantages and disadvantages

Investing in foreign real estate is a responsible business. It is always accompanied by a mass of specific nuances and a certain amount of risk. That is why the choice ofcountry , region , city and even the street is a decisive factor for the future exploitation of housing. Buying a villa in Miami is no exception and also has its pros and cons. Positive aspects include:

  • the opportunity to enjoy the pleasant climate , clean beaches, warmth and sunshine all year round ;
  • the ability to buy housing in the status of a US citizen, and as a resident of the country;
  • the ability to use real estate as an active source of constant profits;
  • no need for individuals to pay income tax and luxury tax.

There are practically no negative moments . The only thing that can cause discomfort is the obligation to pay not only utilities, but also real estate tax . In addition, the purchase of housing does not ensure the right of a foreigner to obtain a residence permit.Previous

Florida Villas - Realtor Photo with Customers - American Butler

What is the choice of houses and villas in Miami

Since the prices of houses in Miami are objectively motivated, you can find housing in the city for every taste and financial opportunity. In this sense, American Butler simply has no equal. Thanks to the largest real estate database in the state, it is completely easy for her to find the ideal type of housing for you. And there are plenty to choose from – respectable apartments and penthouses in skyscrapers or prestigious sieve, villas on the coast, small artificial islands and elite villages , small cottages for two or three rooms or a cozy mini-studio of a budget class. Buy a house in Miami cheap – it is possible!

Cooperating with American Butler, the client receives:

  • Professional information and advisory support.
  • Compliance with the absolute confidentiality of a real estate transaction.
  • Sale of houses in Miami only on current offers and from real estate owners.
  • High competence of employees in the field of economics, finance and law.
  • Conscientious approach to their duties.

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