Why rent an apartment and not a hotel?

Travel to Miami is always associated with obtaining a mass of positive impressions, meeting a large number of interesting people and pleasant memories of the trip after returning home. An important role in the positive outcome of the rest is played by a properly selected apartment, which temporarily becomes a second home for travelers. Renting apartments in Miami has recently become very popular among Russians. In contrast to the hotel, living in a rented apartment gives you more opportunities to dive into American life, socialize and a better understanding of life in the United States. Often, apart from this, the length of stay in Miami plays an important role. Since getting to this wonderful city is not fast, most travelers come here for a month’s rest or more. Imagine now that you have to spend a whole month in a hotel even under the condition that he is very good! Probably for the majority this argument will be exhaustive, and if you add to this the cost of living … A week, maximum two is a hotel, all that is more is an apartment.

Apartments in Miami usually have parking spaces, the cost of which is included in the rental price of the apartment. For those who are going to rent a car in Miami, this is another additional argument. 

In Miami, a variety of apartments are offered for rent, and despite the fairly large flow of tourists from Russia, not everyone is able to return from the United States with exceptionally pleasant memories due to the emerging problems associated primarily with rental housing. There are several reasons for such an unpleasant outcome: inattention to the terms of the lease agreement, violation of the rules of residence and inconsistency of price with the real quality of the apartment. Project 2Florida decided to share the secrets of a successful holiday in Miami and considered all the pitfalls on the way to it. 

The nuances of renting apartments in Miami

Florida law governing relations between the tenant (tenant) and the landlord, to some extent similar to the domestic Civil Code, but has a number of differences. For those who are relatively fluent in English, the surest way to understand the rules of the game is to look into Chapter 83 of the American Florida Statutes. In addition, the legal department of Greater Miami traditionally produces special booklets that put all the dots in “i” in a simple and understandable form.

In fact, these documents reflect quite standard rights and obligations of the landlord and tenant. However, there are a number of very important nuances. Thus, the provisions of the statute do not apply to owners of a lease in a cooperative apartment or owners of ownership rights to an apartment in a condominium. Or, for example, the fact that a rental contract is quite a verbal form. In Miami Beach, in the presence of such a contract, the change in the rental price or the termination of the contract initiated by the landlord will still occur after written notice to the tenant. 

In practice, in order to rent an apartment in MiamiRequired standard set of documents. First of all, you need to have a valid ID: an international passport or a US ID. To confirm your solvency, they will ask you for an extract from your personal bank account for the last three months. Questions of the frequency of payments, the method of their payment and the security deposit are also partly reflected in the legislation, but as a rule, remain at the discretion of the parties.

Short-term rental apartments in Miami (less than 12 months) is quite common, but has its own characteristics. As a rule, rent for a period of several months is paid in full, immediately after the conclusion of the contract or entry into the apartment, although there may be other options. In addition, the tenant may be asked to pay a deposit in the amount of a monthly (half-monthly) rental price, which will be returned at the end of the lease (sometimes with a delay of up to two weeks, which complies with the law), as well as a registration fee in the building ($ 100-150) final cleaning after the lease ($ 100-150). With a short-term lease, usually all utility bills are included in the price, and often electricity, the Internet, TV. All this is fixed in the lease agreement, which is signed by email or online. Also in the contract specifies penalties

Far from all agencies take on the search for apartments in short-term rent due to too small profit, which often does not correspond to labor costs. Our portal, which is an aggregator, does not deny customers the selection of apartments for rent for one, two or three months, but we warn customers that sometimes the rental price may increase by 10-20%, depending on the season and term, on the price you see on the site. Typically, the site indicates the price of a monthly rental with an annual contract.

In any case, renting through 2florida.ru will be at the best prices, since we are able to choose from a huge number of options for partner companies, on fixed terms. Except in rare cases (urgent search, search for super-budget apartments and search for a large number of options) we do not charge any additional payment from clients.

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Lease contract

Rest in Miami is often overshadowed by the presence of problems arising from the behavior of the tenant himself, who violates the rules of the lease. In fact, it turns out that you need a little more than just pay on time. So, when renting a house, special attention should be paid to garbage disposal, which may cause eviction. Complaints of neighbors are also a very strong argument in favor of early termination of the contract. Do not let the landlord to check in the apartment can not, they want to have to comply with all the formalities and notify you of your arrival in advance.

Perhaps we exaggerate a little, telling you this kind of horror stories and in practice this kind of situation is very, very rare, but still it is better to know about them. It would be nice to carefully study it before entering into a contract, and if there is an opportunity then talk to former tenants or neighbors. A few simple questions about the rules of the game adopted in the residential complex could form a complete picture of what you can and cannot do. In the event of a potentially controversial situation, it is best to document and record everything. Such an approach to business will allow you to defend your rights and avoid conflict. 

Often, the following potentially dangerous phrases for the tenant appear in the contract:

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Automatic renewal – means that for the termination of the contract must be written notice from the tenant or landlord. Otherwise, even the actual exit from the apartment will not save you from the obligation to pay the rent. 
Tenant agrees to obey all rules of landlord – allows the landlord to set any rules of the game within the law without taking into account your opinion. 
It does not give you the opportunity to have a dog. 
Rent may increase – you will have to accept the fact that rent will become more expensive. 
Unannounced or unlimited entry – allows your landlord to “settle” with your checks.
Utilities are held in landlord’s name and then billed to you – the cost of utility payments may be higher than your real costs. 

One of our tasks, in addition to finding apartments, is to advise and prepare a rental agreement for our clients, which guarantees them no problems. In addition, we always help our clients to find the best options for renting apartments on their requests. 

Take care of renting an apartment in advance!

If you are accustomed to being late everywhere and always, then on the issue of renting an apartment in Miami, you can “decently” show your qualities and end up paying much more expensive, and not for the best accommodation. We recommend that you plan your trip and, accordingly, search for apartments to live a few months in advance, but if we are talking about New Year and other holidays, then it is better to do it six months before traveling. Selection of options, coordination of conditions with the owners, preparation, approval by the administration of the building and signing a lease agreement in itself takes a lot of time. Your agent cannot guarantee you with absolute certainty that the apartment you like will not be handed over to another. The only guarantee is an advance payment of the advance according to the concluded apartment rental agreement.

If you are going to search for an apartment in Miami in the summer, it is advisable to start in the early spring The closer the date of your trip, the higher the cost of housing and its choice, as the number of offers on the market becomes less. Buying tickets is better to do after you already have a signed rental contract. When buying tickets to Miami, you can also significantly save by choosing not direct, but comfortable flights of famous airlines.

We always warn our clients that if they like the apartments, they should immediately proceed to signing the contract. Do not forget that Miami is one of the most popular resorts in the world and you are not alone. Quite a common mistake of many customers is that they believe that if the contract is signed, then you can not comply with its conditions and delay the payment of the security deposit or advance payment and thus violate its conditions. There can always be someone who can offer more for the apartment you like, and if the contract states that the owner can terminate it in case of violation of the payment terms, then you are not insured against the case.

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Rent price

Prices for short-term rental apartments in Miami may vary significantly depending on the season. It is believed that from November to April in Miami is the high season. The wonderful climate attracts a lot of people from all over the world to this city. The highest rental prices are traditionally in the Christmas and New Year holidays. The rental price at this time for some apartments may increase by 1.5 – 2 times (which is what many realtors and property owners do), and there may be very few interesting offers. That is why we recommend in advance to worry about renting an apartment at this time. Good options are reserved for several months before the start of the lease. Seasonal price increase when renting through 2florida.ru will be minimal or may be absent altogether. We will take care that the terms of the lease (the amount of the deposit, the cost of cleaning the delivery of the apartment, etc.) were the most attractive. We do everything possible to reduce customer costs.

It is very unpleasant when your expectations do not coincide with reality, which can manifest itself in a clear discrepancy between the price of an apartment and its quality. Convincing arguments often do their job and sometimes we can negotiate with the landlord about the price reduction, reduction of the deposit amount and other nuances under the contract. In addition, we have already rented a large number of apartments offered by us earlier and we are confident in their quality, we know all the nuances regarding them. 

The 2Florida project is an aggregator and partner of many licensed brokers and homeowners in Miami. This allows us to offer our customers an unprecedented number of options, the best prices and terms for renting apartments in Miami. Working with us you save your time and get rid of many problems arising from the search and rental housing in Miami.

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