Who lives in Miami well or real estate in Florida

I decided to write a small post on real estate in Florida because many people asked me how much now square meters in the Miami region.

Florida is associated not only with sweet oranges and lazy alligators, but also with a large number of American pensioners. Pulls here the last several factors:

– warm caressing sun for 9 months a year (and 3 months of hellish heat)

– warm ocean breeze (easier to breathe)

– There is no income tax on social security benefits and retirement. I haven’t fully figured out how this works, but from the words, a family of two retirees moving from New York to Florida earns more than $ 800 a month

– A bunch of old people are already living in Florida, so there will be someone to “make a fuss” (Florida is one of the few states with a very high rate of  sexually transmitted diseases in the country. Mostly because of teenagers and retirees because the latter do not use condoms. They are the same generation hippie.

All these reasons led to the fact that in some Florida towns (for example, Punta Rassa  – the average age of residents is 80 years, and in Century Village – 77 years).

At a young age, moving to Florida makes little sense:

– it is very difficult to find a good job

– more than half of the population are Hispanic (learn Spanish)

– more than half of state residents are not educated

– there are no normal public schools (children will have to be sent to a private school for 30 thousand dollars a year)

In general, you need to move to Florida after 65 years. Is it possible in advance to buy an apartment / house as an investment? It is possible, but here are a few nuances:

– For foreigners, the purchase of real estate does not give the right to apply for a residence permit

– the purchase of an apartment requires you to pay not only for electricity, housing and communal services, but also real estate taxes

Here is a view of the bay from a three-room apartment in Miami (about 100 square meters. M) worth 250 thousand dollars (you can negotiate for 220).



Even if you do not live in this apartment, you will still have to pay $ 770 per month for the service (HOA fee) and about the same amount as property tax. HOA fee is so high because the house has a swimming pool, jacuzzi, gym, parking in the basement and a doorman.

If you rent an apartment for money, not even as a hangout, but as a decent family with children, then according to state law, if the breadwinner loses his job, then you cannot drive him out into the street even through a court. Where the court will expel the unemployed father with the children? The owner of the apartment will pay for the apartment until the tenant finds a job.

Therefore, investing in American real estate is not easy.

This is probably the smallest and cheapest studio apartment in Miami in a good area. The cost of 100 thousand (about 45 sq.m.)

2. Plan








The apartment is very small, just to sleep. But for utilities will have to pay only 150 bucks a month + $ 2,000 a year in real estate tax.

It is better not to buy housing in Miami (prices are still high, but in towns just north of Fort Lauderdale).

5. Here is a house for 300 thousand dollars for people with incomes just above the national average. It looks very modest, but actually very cozy (approximately 170 sq. Meters)


6. Living room




8. Bedroom (there are two)


9. Veranda


10. Exit to the courtyard, and there is a channel leading to the ocean. Remember I told you why canals are digging in Florida.


11. To freely moor your boat / yacht and easily sail on it. I think it’s cool.


12. If you still have a dream to live with an ocean view, you will have to lay out at least 800 thousand dollars in these places. In Miami and Fort Lauderdale, such homes go much more than a million.

House in florida

13. Kitchen




15. Only three bedrooms




17. Access to the ocean


For this house of approximately 250 square meters. meters asking $ 850 thousand (you can agree for 800). “HOA fee” is not. This is a separate house, but there is a compulsory insurance against a hurricane and annual tax, which reaches approximately 15 thousand dollars a year, which in principle is not expensive. In the northeastern United States in New Jersey for such a house they fight 30 thousand dollars for the same period.

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