Rental housing for childbirth in the US (Miami)

When organizing childbirth in America, it is very important to seriously address the issue of renting a home in the United States. In the plans of this event, besides the birth itself, there can be infertility treatment, in vitro fertilization, various examinations, so you have to live in the US for several months. Our company does not engage in real estate activities and does not pay extra for it in the packages of its services. But we have a housing base, which is rented in Miami, because we work closely with reliable realtors. We know the local real estate laws and are actively helping to choose housing and arrange for renting a house or apartment in Miami, so that your stay in the country is comfortable and legal. When choosing an apartment or house to live while giving birth in the United States, you should be aware of the features of rental housing in America.

1. In the US, reluctant to rent housing for a short period of time (usually for a year or more). Therefore, assistance in finding housing for short-term rentals you certainly need. The search process and additional coordination with the tenant take a lot of time, so you need to do rental housing during childbirth in advance, no less than 2-3 months before the planned arrival, and the realtor can ask for payment for the search work. You also need to know that if such housing is found, then you will have to immediately pay the full amount for the entire rental period.

2. When making a rent payment, you must also make an insurance deposit (its amount is usually equal to the payment for 1 month rent). This deposit will be returned to you upon eviction, but only as a check. You can put it into your account in a US bank, which we will help you open, and it is free.

3. When renting a house or apartment, you must take into account the fee for utilities. In some cases it is included in the rent, in others it is made separately. An additional charge may include cleaning the room. In any case, before signing the lease agreement, you must carefully clarify all financial issues. You can try to rent a home in the US yourself, but it can be a very difficult task, since such announcements often use abbreviations that make it difficult to understand, besides, you are outside the country and it will not be easy to contact tenants.

In the matter of rental housing for childbirth in Miami, you can fully rely on our company. We offer packages of services, which include the selection of housing and the conclusion of a lease agreement. In order to exclude any fraud and fraud, we provide objective information on the proposed options, taking into account your requirements and preferences. Representatives of our company will make an inspection of your chosen apartments or houses and provide photographs of the interior and exterior of the house made on the spot, as well as personally check all the details regarding the rent payment.

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